– A Great Source for The Latest in All Things Truly Green

Today, I’m recommending the one site I suggest folks go to for the low-down on all things “green” including clarity about just what that buzz word, to beat all buzzwords, really means.  The site is .  On the home page, the site’s purpose is prominently and simply defined, “Green Options is a community and network of blogs dedicated to helping you figure out what sustainability means to you. Pick a channel above or browse around.” (I am envious of the clarity of the statement, something I’m working on that with regard to my mission…)

The website is divided into three main categories which they refer to as channels ~ News & Opinion, Family & Lifestyle and Business & Technology ~ with a group of related blogs clearly featured on each “channel.” 

Like the site I featured in yesterday’s blog entry, taps into the knowledge base and recent experiences of a number of writers and players in the field. The home pages of each channel provide a summary of the most recent blog entries along with listings of latest forum discusssion topics. It’s a great way to quickly check and see if topics of particular interest to you have newsworthy events or discussions. You can get a quick overview of the latest or dig deeper by connecting to the quality blogs of these experts. Of course, if you are at the RSS feed level of computer literacy (don’t look at me!), you can subscribe to RSS feeds of those topics near and dear to your own personal green goals…

Specifically, there’s a series I happened upon under the Business & Technology “Channel” (subgroup) of – The blog named Ecopreneurist caught my eye and the entries did not disappoint. Writer and Graphic Design entrepreneur Megan Prusynski recently wrote a great piece called “Finding Your Path: Defining Green For Your Business.” Here’s an excerpt:

Building your green business, or greening an existing one, is a journey. And like any journey in life, you may have to blaze your own trail.

Sustainable business models are a rather new phenomenon – there aren’t exactly a slew of entrepreneurs out there concerned with a triple bottom line. So although there are many places you could turn to find a checklist for greening your business, you probably won’t find one that’s an exact fit for your company. The best solution is to define for yourself what it means to be a sustainable business, and make your own checklist of actions and standards to hold yourself to.

Your green checklist will be something that’s unique to your business and industry.

Megan’s blog entry is a fabulous summary that provides specifics about defining your green goals as a part of your overall business plan. Great links to key definitions and a helpful checklist, great writing, great info, time well spent for sure! To read the rest of her great article, I suggest those of you with your own business read the rest of the post at .

In her article, Megan references her personal effort to chronicle her experiences starting her own mission-driven business… I’ll be checking in on her site and learning from Megan’s experiences as I focus on the launch of my own mission-driven, triple-bottom-line business startup!  To learn more about Megan and her personal experiences starting her mission-driven business, you can visit her bio page .

Remember my warning! Time flies when you are online – find that “happy medium” of gaining inspiration and ideas without losing hours of your day to virtual adventures in cyberspace! TIME CONTROL TIP: Make a mental note of the time right now. Take control of your time by deciding how long you will spend online and the time by which you will stop your cybertravels and get busy putting all you’ve learned to use in your personal life and/or your own business!

My time is up! Back to work… N.


One response to “ – A Great Source for The Latest in All Things Truly Green

  1. My husband Rob was checking out my latest entries (I swear I only nagged him to do so about it twice, mayyyybeee three times!). Apparently, he really went on my site here (I envisioned him saying, “Yes dear, it looks great!” while really checking out the latest on Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather, when he asked, “What’s a Transition Town? It says Boulder, Colorado is a transition town on the GO site.” So, I check out (I mean, I was just there yesterday) and there is an amazing story, not only about Boulder specifically, but linking to a site that totally explains Transition Towns, a term I hadn’t heard in spite of all my research, research, research.

    Check it Out! Here’s the GO link to the article:

    If you find yourself intrigued by the Transition Town concept and asking how your own local town could become one, click on the Transition Town link within the article that goes into considerable detail about this new concept… I only just glanced at it so can’t recommend whether it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. That said, as far as checking it out further, I am definitely intrigued (Another thing to add to the TO DO SOMEDAY list!)…

    I’m thinking Ipswich, MA, as the first Transition Town in New England might be appropriate given our history as the Birthplace of Independence… Not from Ipswich? This is one of my favorite Ipswich stories, and was recently referenced during the town’s school operating override campaign (Shout out to Sue Brengle and the Committee!).

    Here’s the gist: There was a meeting on Ipswich’s Town Hill where the changemakers of the day decided to do something about taxation without representation. What did they decide on? Just creating a little public disturbance you may have heard of…the Boston Tea Party. Cool, huh?

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