Sharing Websites as a Best Use of Our Most Limited Resource – TIME

This week, I’m sharing some prime sites on the topics I’ve been learning about, this to share the good work of others and direct you to their sites rather than duplicating their efforts…Given my desire to consciously spend time wisely myself and promote the idea to others, it’s another win – win – win… Here’s how I see it:

1. I’m helping in some small way to increase the value of the time these changemakers have spent on their websites and blogs by increasing the number of people they reach.

2. The value of the time I spent researching (and researching and researching) is increased significantly. Not only has my personal knowledge base grown, but I am able to share that knowledge with others by linking everyone who reads my pre-launch site (such as it is!) to some of the choice sites, inspiring stories, pearls of wisdom and innovative ideas.

3. I’m helping my growing network of friends and family ~ particularly those of you interested in the latest on socially and environmentally aware lifestyle choices ~ to use your time efficiently by sharing the stand-out topics and information so that you can pick up some great tips and thought-provoking ideas and suggestions without getting lost in the cyberworld of excessive information, helping you to get back to your busy day with a bit of inspiration and energy-creating enthusiasm rather than a weight of guilt over “too-much-time” spent on the internet.

Remember, too much of anything becomes clutter. For example, those precious beads bought at the Newburyport bead store are just part of the clutter when amongt the mess of arts and crafts supplies. Likewise, even the most valid facts, theories and products become overwhelming and stressful when too much is accumulated. (Translation: Looking at my Favorites currently puts me on the verge of a panic attack.)

So, check out the link to yesterday’s recommended site  if you haven’t already, and watch for tomorrow’s entry which will include ONE great link to the only source most of you will ever need regarding to environmental issues, innovations and lifestyle choices.

Carpe Diem, N.


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