How Combining our Clutter Will Lead to More TIME in our Lives

(Your Clutter + My Clutter ) x Number of Folks Donating their Clutter  = Craft Materials, Art Supplies, Books, Magazines, Seating Areas, Work Areas, all in one place, my place, our place.

Just Like Magic ~ Our collective clutter will turn into the fabulous, cool, inspiring stuff it was intended to be…

And, what’s that back at your house? Space?  The floor? A dining room table? A peaceful bedroom! All of the above! Your home will be one GIANT step closer to the space it was intended to be…be it peaceful, inspiring, relaxing, happy, cozy or some mixture thereof.  DeCluttering, organizing and simplifying doesn’t mean your homes will lose their special personality. Your home will absolutely sing with the true spirit of those things you do hold near and dear… Your favorite painting, piece of furniture, or framed photos, even your most treasured keepsakes can stand out…

And, lo and behold (okay, that’s a bit dramatic, though perhaps appropriate), what do you suddenly have more of?


How is that possible? Not just possible, it’s quite likely that, once you’ve decluttered, you WILL have more time. You won’t have to waste time moving your clutter from one messy table top to the next. You won’t be forever looking for something important (say your keys or your checkbook?) amidst the clutter. Then there’s the mental clutter that comes with living in too much disorganized physical clutter (let’s just say I know a bit about mental clutter!).

So, are you convinced? When you’ve cleared the clutter and cleaned the much-easier-to-clean house, you really will have some time that you’ve recaptured, time you haven’t had since who-knows-when. What will you do with it? Be careful. Time can slip away and be lost much more easily than it was so painstakingly found… Spend Your Time Wisely! Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day… Here are some ideas to get you started…

Spend time with the Family, a Friend, Yourself,
Relax, Stretch, Walk
Create, Imagine,
Reflect, Read, Journal,
Be, Just Be. (It actually takes practice).

Before you know it, you can use your time to consider your path in life, your choices, your purpose…where you have been, where you are headed and whether that direction still makes sense to you.

Oh, and one more thing you will be able to do with your newfound time… Come to my place, our place, that’s sure to be time well spent… Doing what? I’ll save that for next TIME…After all, we won’t be opened for business for a little while yet…  N.


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