Freecycle and Craig’s List


Lots of folks know about these two sites, but lots don’t so hoping today to spread the word about and Freecycle is through yahoo, which I’m not accustomed to. Anyway, I get the daily update and the lists vary greatly. No pics. You sign up by very local region. I’m on the Beverly group and need to check on other groups on the North Shore as I am told Rowley has one, too.  The fact that some folks will travel miles to pick up something as small as a box of diapers sometimes confuses me (think of the carbon footprint of that box of diapers)! That said, the intent to share one’s stuff rather than adding it to a landfill via the curbside trash is noble indeed.

WoW! Don’t let that Craig’s List home page frighten you! Lots of stuff here, under free, including lots of pics. Currently, there are many listings for yard fill, rocks, fire wood, I expect as folks are doing their spring yard cleaning. There’s plenty of other stuff, as well, including furniture, file cabinets and other office stuff, and, yes, even the occasional kitchen sink. You can define your area by region of the state, entire greater Boston area, or just the North Shore.

I must confess that when I tire of the business planning and need to re-energize, I go to Craigs List and look for free stuff! I also have been checking the “furniture” section as there is so much there. Keeping my eye out for just the right pieces to furnish the new place ~ particularly tables, chairs, end tables, sofa chairs ~ with character (but of course!). Finally, there is a section on Garage Sales that sometimes also lists Estate Sales for those into that kind of thing (I have to admit, I’ve never been to an estate sale or an auction, but both have been added to my life list).

TreasureHunters take notice... If you love this kind of treasure hunting, not to mention at the Fleas (Todd Farm’s Famous Sunday Flea Market in Rowley), antique shopping in Essex, Newburyport and anywhere else, you might want to consider being a treasure hunter for me ~ Keeping in mind my list of things I need as you go about your own searches, or indeed, as an excuse to treasure hunt with a clear conscious! Repeat the following,”But, hunny, it’s for a good cause.” If you are interested in really actively helping in this way or intrigued by the idea, let me know and we can chat about it! 

Carpe Diem! Nancy 

p.s. The CraigsList founder is totally into social enterprise now! You can see the link to his foundation on the regular craigslist site!


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