What’s in a name?

Juliette’s speech notwithstanding, my answer to the question: “A lot!” I’m not quite ready to announce my business name because I don’t want to jinx it! After successfully going through an initial search, I’ve sent in my name reservation to the State House so fingers crossed on that. The business name I’ve chosen has many characteristics of a strong brand name. It will speak for itself in so many ways. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the name…

In the meantime, I’m calling the blog My Castle in the Clouds because my vision for the business is complete in so many ways. I know the innovative concept is a winner because it meets many basic principles of successful entrepreneurship including, for example, the fact that it is based on meeting an unfulfilled need.

I’ve taken several people for a tour, on my draft paper, and they are really jazzed about the concept… And, I’m planning the creation of a virtual online tour of the plans… For now, I’m just going to keep you guessing as I get back to the less glamorous (but oh so important) task of building the solid foundation, red tape and all, that will allow me to move forward successfully.

Thanks for dropping by… N.

p.s. The clouds in the top banner of the blog are from a photograph I took in one of my absolute favorite places, Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island in Maine.  The place is so beautiful in so many ways that taking “pix” there is a great confidence booster for the would-be photographer. The photos there can’t help but come out fantastic!


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